My research activities can be simplified as:

  1. Optimization Cloud-based datacenters
    Design, implementation, and evaluation of energy-provisioning cloud-based (virtualized)/networked datacenters testbed. System modelling via computational intelligence methods, particularly mathematical optimization techniques such as KKT, workload anticipation techniques, and gradient based approaches, some AI methods, and some supervised learning (regression analysis). Data analysis, implementation and visualization by CVX packages on MATLAB, Cloudsim package over Java coding and scholarly writing.

  2. Scheduling in Cloud/P2P/Grid Computing
    Design, implementation, and evaluation of a hybrid approaches by applying some biological/reinforcement or iterative-based algorithms that aim to perform optimal load balancing considering execution time and cost which enforced hard per-job delay-constraints on the overall allowed computing-plus-communication latencies to solve resource optimization problem over grid/cloud platforms. Data analysis and simulations are done by Gridsim/Cloudsim/MPI/Peerware with C/C++/Java programming.

  3. Resource Management in Vehicular Networks
    Design, implementation, and evaluation of the fully distributed and scalable cognitive resource management controller guarantees hard reliability and dynamically allocates the access time-windows at the serving Roadside Units (i.e., the access points) together with the the access rates and traffic flows at the served Vehicular Clients. Data analysis and visualization is considered. Data analysis and simulation are done by MATLAB.

  4. Wireless Sensor Networks
    Design efficient routing algorithms for preserving coverage, life cycle of nodes in networks, and finding the maximum number of disjointed cover sets by monitoring all deployed targets using artificial methods such as learning automata and ICA. Data analysis and visualization, and scholarly writing. Data analysis and simulation are done by NS2.