Academic Projects

  • Partners and Investigators:
    Horizon2020 MIUR
  • SUPERFLUIDITY: [December 2016-December 2017]
    The SUPERFLUIDITY project aims at achieving superfluidity in the Internet: the ability to instantiate services on-the-fly, run them anywhere in the network (core, aggregation, edge) and shift them transparently to different locations.
    The SUPERFLUIDITY project tackles crucial shortcomings in today’s networks: long provisioning times, with wasteful over-provisioning used to meet variable demand; reliance on rigid and cost-ineffective hardware devices; daunting complexity emerging from three forms of heterogeneity: heterogeneous traffic and sources; heterogeneous services and needs; and heterogeneous access technologies, with multi-vendor network components.
    SUPERFLUIDITY will provide a converged cloud-based 5G concept that will enable innovative use cases in the mobile edge, empower new business models, and reduce investment and operational costs.

  • The SUPERFLUIDITY consortium gathers a blend of Telco and IT players that can make its vision a reality.
  • PRIN: [December 2016-December 2019]
    project funded by the Italian MIUR named GAUChO (A Green Adaptive Fog Computing and Networking Architecture) aspires at designing a novel distributed and heterogeneous architecture ables to functionally integrate and jointly optimize FC and FN capabilities in the same platform. In addition, the development of suitable analytic methods and definition of appropriate techniques will enable extra relevant characteristics of the FC+FN platform including ubiquity, decentralized management, cooperation, proximity to the users, dense geographical distribution, efficient support for mobility and real-time applications.
  • V-FOG: [December 2016-December 2017]
    Vehicular Fog energy-efficient QoS mining and dissemination of multimedia Big Data streams (V-Fog) project which is supported by the Sapienza University of Rome in Italy is another appealing on-the-fly Fog-based projects aims at defining, designing and validating integrated resource-management and data-mining distributed self-adaptive algorithms for vehicular Fog networks. Hence, the V-Fog final goal is the energy-efficient support of real-time Big Data streaming future Internet applications, such as multimedia human activity recognition and infotainment interactive services (e.g., VTube). Further, for this propose, the actual (still unexplored) transport capabilities promised by the novel paradigm of multipath-TCP will be investigated, while a cognitive approach will be pursued for the integrated design of the V-Fog architecture.
  • SAMMClouds: [November 2015-December 2016]
    The Secure and Adaptive Management of Multi-Clouds (SAMMClouds) project aims to address some of the open issues related to the Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) systems. Specifically, the research activities will focus on the study and proposal of innovative solutions with regard to three main issues: (i) Monitoring and management of IaaS cloud e multi-cloud systems, (ii) Resource management in SaaS multi-cloud systems, (iii) Data protection and security in cloud systems. Therefore, we can simplified the work as follows: 1) We present methodologies for monitoring scalable IaaS cloud systems, adaptive compared to the types of workload which the infrastructure is submitted and 2) we present some novel techniques and algorithms for the allocation of VMs within a single date centers and between different data center with scalability significantly higher compared to the state takeing into account mathematical models for the description of the interactions between cloud providers both of type IaaS SaaS.
  • WISECLOUD: [November 2012-November 2015]
    Wireless Internet SEnsing CLOUD ( WISECLOUD) project aims at defining, designing and validating the new paradigm of integrated wireless sensor-cloud systems for the real-time support of context and situation-aware heterogeneous media services to be offered to multiple virtual communities of clients under suitable QoS requirements ( e.g., Service Level Agreements(SLAs)).The ultimate goal of the resulting WISECLOUD paradigm is to promote a new situation-aware, mobile and social lifestyle, where multiple virtual communities of clients equipped with thin devices share suitably processed context-information on the surrounding environment, which is offered in real-time by (possibly) multiple cooperating integrated sensor-cloud platforms. Information Technology as a Service (ITaaS) is the adopted service model, that allows to bill the utilized services on a pay-per-use basis. Our outputs conclude develop and validate novel fully distributed real-time algorithms for the QoS compression of heterogeneous media data that may run on top of virtualized sensor layers and are capable to quickly self-scale up/down and design, develop and validate minimum cost cloud-networking algorithms for the self-implementation and self-management of joint distributed source (e.g., cloud-based data centers)

Industerial Projects
  • Partners and Investigators:
  • GCOMS: [2007-ongoing]
    General Cargo Operations Management System (GCOMS) is an Electronic Gateway of GCOMS solution for all of ports customers such as Shipping Lines, Shipping Agents, Forwarders, Shippers, PMO, Custom and other related organizations and persons. GCOMS Gateway provided a safe and reliable environment for Electronic Data Interchange between ports and their customers.
    GCOMS, the 2011 eAsia Award Winner, is developed to manage break bulk and general cargo operations with the idea of simplification, harmonization, and automation maritime cargo processes which provides services to 35 terminals with more than 5,000,000 m2 area in 11 commercial ports of Iran.
    Rahyab Rayaneh Gostar Co As a first class company in this field, is ready to provide information technology and telecommunications services to its customers, counting on its financial capital of more than 5,100,000,000 Rls. and its fully specialized and experienced team.
  • TCTS: [2008-ongoing]
    Tidewater Container Terminal System (TCTS) project as sub-project in production of specialized software that are running within the country’s ports (Iran), which were done for the first time in Iran and resulted in a great currency savings for the country, illustrate success in realizing the primary objectives of the company besides another confirmation of Iranian specialists’ power. In 2005 RAHYAB Rayaneh Gostar Co. Ltd., stepped onto the area of telecommunications and was selected as the first provider of added value SMS services in Iran. Also, sending more than 300 million bulk short messages and provision of various value added services are signs of company’s success.
    Now, we as a first class company in this field owning capital of more than Rls. 5,100,000,000 and highly professional and experienced team are ready to provide information and communication technology services to our customers.